Caregiver Resources


At San Gabriel Memory Care we offer a community not only for those in need of dementia and Alzheimer’s care, but also for those caring for them. We understand the unique challenges and concerns caregivers face today.  We know that it can be especially taxing, requiring both physical labor and emotional work.

Know that you are not alone.  80% of care provided at home is provided by family, which involves both caring for and about the family member in need. The Alzheimer’s Association reports that 61% of caregivers experience high or very high emotional stress associated with this job.

When your loved one joins the San Gabriel community so do you and you’ll discover you’re not alone:


Give yourself a break by attending our monthly “Caregiver Support Group.” Meet with us and other caregivers who are looking after loved ones with Alzheimer’s and dementia at home. We’ll share stories, learn tips, be nurtured and get our batteries recharged!


Join us and other experts in Alzheimer’s and dementia care during our Caregiver Educational Forums that focus primarily on caregivers providing care for loved ones in the home. These sessions are designed just for you!

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