Inspiring Growth

The Impact Of Fitness

Research shows that the capacity for growth in the brain is much greater than previously thought. Our memory care programs “workout” and strengthen the brain in new ways. We inspire each resident to engage mentally and physically throughout the day to increase blood flow to the brain and stimulate cognitive function.

Our “Brain Gym” features group activities such as scrapbooking, easy crosswords, historical word searches, reminiscing with memory books and much more to draw residents into conversation while stimulating lost memories.  Our residents also have time set aside for individual pursuits such as drawing and knitting, simulated fishing and golfing, and other activities that have brought them personal joy throughout life.

We “work out” with colorful elastic bands and dumbbells for resistance training as it has been shown to benefit cognition and enhance selective attention.   Mental fitness can also be improved through aerobic activity such as our energetic walking, seated “cycling” and seated rowing exercises.

Through these activities we encourage our residents to remain engaged mentally, physically and socially, all pursuits which have been shown to slow decline and improve overall health.